SALTS TALKS: Artist Cassidy Toner
A show curated by my dog Boh
31 Jul – 31 Dec 2020

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SALTS TALKS: Artist Cassidy Toner – A show curated by my dog Boh from SALTS on Vimeo.

with Boh

For the exhibition

Based on a True Story
Raphael Linsi, Valentina Minning, Tobias Spichtig
Curated by Boh for Fiancé (by Cassidy Toner)
5 July—29 August 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, 4 July, 5–8pm

In antiquity dogs were worshipped in almost every culture. Some even regarded them as demigods. Dogs are really the only creature that’s one part animal and one part culture. I mean at one point we literally started sculpting them like clay. We stretched them out, shrank them, pushed in their noses, and painted them with spots. I doubt when wolves began following our ancestors for scraps of food they thought they would end-up as pugs wearing birthday hats. But it is because of this that dogs created a bridge between human civilization and the animal kingdom.

I often wonder what my dog sees as he stares out into seemingly nothingness. Much, like I imagine he wonders what I’m so deeply looking at when we go to an art show. The more I think about it the more it seems like he may have more ground to question me. So, I asked him to curate this show.

Directed by Samuel Leuenberger and Benedikt Wyss, filmed/edited by Nicolas Gysin, Music by Duri Collenberg

Hauptstrasse 12
CH–4127 Birsfelden