Silvie Zürcher
28 Nov – 31 Jan 2010

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I can do anything
We came down from Phoenix enthralled
And I can tell you
The names of the Kingdom
I can tell you

Listening for a fistfull of silence
Climbing valleys into the shade
And I lied my head in shame
You gonna remember my name
I wasn't born to follow
I am only made out of flesh bones and blood

And a new day will dawn
I am no ones son

All the tired horses in the sun
Our shadows taller than our soul.
But they just cant kill the beast
Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
And a new day will dawn
Im no ones son

I want more

You wont get what you deserve
You are what you take
there ain't no easy way out
and I need all the love i can get
And the wind wispered in my ears
I am thougher than the rest
Tell the gossipers and liars
I will see them in the fire
And like a eagle I will rise
Spread my wings and fly
I hung my head and stole away

I never wanna die

Photography courtesy Basil Stücheli & Silvie Zürcher