Kasia Fudakowski, Maria Loboda, Zoe Paul Curated by Samuel Leuenberger & Elise Lammer Opening Reception: 23 March 2018, 6pm
24 Mar – 19 May 2018

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Infinity has its Limits brings together works by Kasia Fudakowski, Maria Loboda and Zoë Paul. All share an interest in re-working elements of traditional sculpture, design and architecture through processes of historical excavation. What are our social norms and how do we navigate them? The exhibition investigates a certain cultural landscape, where historical signifiers are superimposed with contemporary commentaries.

Experience and the memory we create thereof become the catalysts to construct, archive and suggest environments to which our human body (and mind) can relate. We see foam bodies encased in a metal cage, a fractured, figure-like fountain or a stucco corridor filled with health supplements, all of which build a long historical line. From living like a cave-woman, to the ancient Greeks all the way through the Western medieval epoch and jumping to the industrial revolution.

The artists’ attentiveness to traditional crafts mobilises contemporary anachronisms
around human labour, understanding craft practices as authentic experiences borne of intimate contact between hand and material. It remains a form of production which bears traces of its makers, as Kasia Fudakowski’s work highlights: indexing labour, geography, memory and language. Craft may also recuperate organic elements and question our dematerialised present—as in Zoë Paul’s work, or rehash history through contemporary fabulations—as in the work of Maria Loboda.

Zoë Paul (1987 in London, lives and works in Athens). Recent and forthcoming solo
exhibitions include La Perma-Perla Kraal Emporium at Spike Island, Bristol (2018) and The Breeder, Athens (2017); and Gossip, curated by Elise Lammer at Musée Arlaud, Les Urbaines, Lausanne (2016).
Kasia Fudakowski (
1985 in London, lives and works in Berlin). Recent solo exhibitions include Boiling Frogs at Kunstverein Düsseldorf (2018), Double Standards – A Sexhibition at ChertLüdde, Berlin (2017) and Bad Basket at Lodos, Mexico City (2017).
Maria Loboda (*1979 in Krakow, lives and works in Berlin). Recent solo exhibitions include I am Radiant, I am Radiant, I am Radiant in my Defeat at CAC Vilnius, Lithuania (2017) and Some weep, some blow flutes at The Power Plant, Toronto (2017).